Tom Sirianni


Head Coach

Background: Wissahickon High School 1984 – 1988, LaSalle University 1988, 1989, 1992. Assistant Coach Wissahickon High School 1991.

UDYWA Founding Coach 2014-current

Honors: 1988 PIAA State Qualifier, 95 wins – high school.
LaSalle University NCAA D1: MAAC “all-freshman”, National Catholic Tournament 3rd. 37 wins.

Philosophy: I believe wrestling builds a foundation that offers an education which transcends athletics. Wrestling, as well as many aspects of life, you often are “on your own”, and must rely on your training and knowledge to survive. Learning how to win with humility and lose gracefully is important in wrestling and life. As the head coach, I will work diligently make sure our kids are having fun, learning how to wrestle, and developing skills to use beyond the wrestling mat.

Matt Dragon

Lake Lehman High School 2002-2005
University of Pennsylvania 2005-2010. 

Honors: 3 x PIAA place-winner (5th 2003, 3rd 2004, 1st 2005). 8 time Fargo National Freestyle and Greco Roman place-winner (Cadet Nation Champ in both styles in 2003 and Junior runner up in both styles in 2005) 166-11 High School Record 

University of Pennsylvania NCAA D1: 3 x Team Captain. 4 x EIWA place-winner (2 x Champion). 3 x NCAA Qualifier (round of 12)

PhilosophyI believe in work hard, play hard. Youth wrestling should be fun. It’s important to maintain a balance between engaging and challenging so that our kids develop a passion for the sport. I care less about the wins & losses and more about what our kids are gaining in return.  Building a strong foundation is the key to future success. I believe wrestling is a compounding sport; the more you put in, the more you get out. What you learn in wrestling goes beyond the mat. It’s our job as coaches to make sure every day our kids get better not only as wrestlers, but as young men and women. I’m excited to be part of this growing program and hope to leave a positive impact for our wrestlers.

Pat Vulgamore

Oak Glen High School, West Virginia
West Virginia University - Intramural Wrestling

Honors:  A member of Oak Glen High School wrestling, a program that won 13 consecutive state championships in West Virginia, I had to battle every day to keep up with everyone.  Breaking into the line-up my senior year was my honor.  This experience taught me the value of persistence, hard work and grit.  That lesson has never left me and now my mission is to instill that in my kids.

Philosophy: Wrestling proves, in its simplest form, that focus, discipline and intelligence are the keys to success. It requires strength, flexibility, conditioning, body awareness and ability to control emotions.  As humans, we all need help with dealing with all of those facets and I’m excited to teach kids how to do that.

Josh Weidman

Background: Hershey High School 1993-1997, University of Maryland, 1997-2002

UDYWA  Coach 2015-current

Honors: 3x PIAA State Place Winner (6th, 4th, 3rd) in 1995, 1996 and 1997, 108 career wins in high school, 4-year starter at University of Maryland, 2x NCAA qualifier, 103 career wins in college

Philosophy: My goal as a father is to instill my children with a passion for life. My passion began in middle school when I started competing in the sport of wrestling. Like most worth-while endeavors in life, wrestling is difficult. It demands a price for success; strength and endurance, courage and discipline, hard work and perseverance. This sport reveals the character of its participants. It teaches respect and it instills responsibility. I love this sport and the characteristics that it builds in its participants. I’m honored at the opportunity to share my passion with the next generation.

Nolan Murray

UDYWA_CoachMurrayBackground: Wissahickon High School 1987-1991, Southern Connecticut State University 1991, 1992, 1993

Honors: 1991 Regional Champion, PIAA State Qualifier, Southern Connecticut State University DII, 1992 Central Connecticut State Tournament 1st, 1992 Ithaca Tournament 2nd, 1992 United States Coast Guard Tournament 4th

UDYWA Founding Coach 2014-current

Philosophy: For me, wrestling is a platform to develop many skills, both physical and psychological. Most important are confidence and respect. If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything, at the same time having respect for the sport and your opponents is a must. The goal is to get better everyday, as a wrestler and as a person.

Glen Hersh


Background: Bensalem High School 1988-1992, Penn State University 1992-1996

UDYWA Founding Coach 2014-current

Honors: Over 100 wins – High School/Club Wrestling career.

Philosophy: The reason I choose to coach youth wrestling is to instill a love and passion for the sport of
wrestling. This will be accomplished by positively coaching the kids, having fun in
 practice, stressing positive attitudes and teaching perseverance. The success of our 
program will be measured by the number of wrestlers we retain from year to year, not
 how many matches are won.

Evan Sasson

UDYWA_CoachEvanBackground: Pascack Hills High School 1986-1989, Hillsdale Hawks- Asst Coach 1994-1995

UDYWA Founding Coach 2014-current

Philosophy: Wrestling taught me to never to give up. I went 0-16 my freshman year in high school and almost quit the second day of sophomore year. I came back and finished in the Regionals in my senior year. The key to success in the sport is that you get out of it whatever you put into it. We are not just looking to make good wrestlers, but good people as well.

Jake Haney

Background: Upper Dublin High School 2009 – 13,                         Conestoga Valley High School Asst. Coach 2016-17

UDYWA  Coach 2017-current

Honors: PIAA District Medalist, 80 Wins – High School.

Philosophy: Wrestling is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports a student can compete in. Unlike most sports you are on your own in wrestling it is just you and your opponent. That being the case wrestlers are required to prepare, perform and adapt for every match. These skills transcend to everyday life after wrestling when it comes to dealing with adversity. I believe everyone who has wrestled is better off for it, there is not a more humbling sport a student can compete in.

Bill Robbins

Steve Haney

Patrick Kenney

Mike Dynan

Niels Snyder

Bryan Gregg

Ryan Nober

Mike Wiley



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